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The video podcast is dedicated to having people focus on their talents so that they love what they do  while having Financial Freedom.


You can train with the experts on how to build better money goals and face obstacles with resilience.


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Counting On Her Podcast


Discussing all things that touch Women, Finance and Insurance. i.e. Legal, Accounting, HR, Technology, Data Science, Insurtech & Fintech. Share best practices and personal reviews, books/authors, personal stories, client stories, testimonials, small panels, business/life coaching, fitness and personal exchanges between colleagues.

Amber is often asked to guest interview on others' podcasts, please find those here: 

In this episode, Amber recalls how she started in the financial industry. She talked about financial wellness and the importance of being intentional in diversifying streams of income. She also talked about the advantage of having a niche, and how it can work for you. She shares her 5-core framework called Pathways to Peak Performance that will help bring success and pandemic-proof your business.

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The Amber Stitt Show


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