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While working as a physician insurance specialist, I saw the need to offer my business strategies to all medical specialties and business professionals. Being asked to do more for my clients transitioned my practice to offer more solutions to additional practice areas. Therefore, the Amber Stitt blog was created.


Our Team


Amber Stitt, ChFC®, GALLUP®

Amber received her undergraduate at Bellevue University in Business in Marketing with an emphasis in Economics. She also furthered her education with her designation as an Advanced Certified Paralegal in Business and Estate Planning in the legal studies arena and holds her Life, Health and Annuities insurance licenses. She is currently pursuing her Chartered Life Underwriter® designation and currently holds her Chartered Financial Consultant® credentials.

She is passionate about helping physician families and comes from a large family herself; many of whom are also advisors and entrepreneurs. While working as an insurance designer to physician households, assisting in their disability and life insurance needs, she also serves as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach helping clients with their communication skills and engagement within their jobs and relationships.

Being a high communicator herself, she enjoys sharing her experiences and training through workshops for individuals and teams so that they may implement strategies into their working and home relationships. She is often consulted on how to build efficient processes and business models for teams and practices.

Amber is a native of the midwest but currently resides with her family in Arizona to enjoy warm weather, hiking, and attempts to practice golfing in her spare time. When not working with clients she is actively participating with her non-profit organizations in various roles and is a board member and President Elect to The Women in Insurance and Financial Services Phoenix Chapter.

Top CliftonStrengths
•    Input
•    Responsibility
•    Learner
•    Focus
•    Communication

If not reading books, I am doing something outside with my daughter and husband or playing cards with the family. Check out her Book List Here. <<<Add the Book List here maybe?


Favorite Quote
“Take Action today; Be Proactive and Not Reactive.” – Amber Stitt

Fun Fact
I am the oldest of 7 children and the only one that is left-handed in my family.



Sam Stitt

Top 5 CliftonStrengths 
•    Communication
•    Harmony
•    Adaptability
•    Maximizer
•    Positivity


If not watching Michigan football, I am playing golf with my family or friends. If I can’t play with my daughters, I am trying to schedule time with my father and uncle to play.


Favorite Quote
“Rule No.1 is never lose money. Rule No. 2 is never forget Rule No. 1.” - Warren Buffet 

Fun Fact
I am half Australian and have a sister down in the Gold Coast area. My mother is the only once with the Aussie accent.


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