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Lessons from a Peanut: Climb the Steps and Aim High

Often on weekends, I work a little in the mornings before my daughter wakes up. I plan to play with her as much as possible to make up for the busy work week when we don't have as the time.

My husband and I have been updating our house during the majority of the pandemic and one weekend, we had a step ladder out which my daughter was eager to climb on as any toddler would. I went to move her away and then thought, "why not just teach her how to go up and down?" knowing that I may regret the decision as she may enjoy it too much and not want to stop.

After a few rounds I thought we were done but then she went to grab some of her little farm animal toys and she wanted them to experience the same climb that she did with her. Eventually I found us climbing up, me spotting her while she went about her way, setting different toys up on the steps so everyone could have a turn. Her final part of the sequence was to tap the wall where some paint had dried before climbing back down, like her final 'ta daaa' before climbing down. She would repeat the "project" she had going off and on for quite awhile.

At first, I wanted to stop the climbing party as it was more work for me to keep watch as I know logically I shouldn't entertain her going up and down but I could see the imagination going and that this sequence made sense to her and I could see it was just something that 'must' be done.

I share this with you because I feel like this often as a business owner. You see the vision and the reason to do something and you start going through the steps and from another's point of view, it doesn't make any sense to them. While often others cannot comprehend why you are working on an idea or project, it can feel very lonely when others are are not on the same path and I feel it too at times, but I think it is all part of the process. Let yourself have those ideas and tinker before you test it out in front of your team or whomever is to see the draft version of that work product. Sometimes, it takes until you step back with a different lens until you can see how it makes sense so give it time to take shape.

I share this to make you laugh a little and just allow yourself to try new things, even if they may be a little off course, while laughing a little at how silly you may feel. I think that taking part of some of these initiatives help you to pave the way to successful strategies.

Take it from an innocent perspective like a child would, without bias and get out of your own head and just enjoy trying new things!


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