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The Lost Art of Christmas Cards: Why I’m Still Sending Cards This Year

Social media has brought many great opportunities to enhance our lives and connect with people more easily than ever before. Unfortunately for the more-traditional folk among us, the good old-fashioned Christmas card has become obsolete as a result.

With the holidays approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about this festive tradition. Today I thought I’d share why I love Christmas cards so much and why I’ll continue to send them for years to come.

Why I Enjoy Sending Christmas Cards

There are SO many reasons why I love sending Christmas cards, but let me tell you about a couple of them.

Annual Family Photo

In the age of film rolls and even digital cameras, taking photos of ourselves and our family was something we all made an effort to do. While we’re now taking pictures in seconds from the phones in our pockets, how often do we actually look back and reflect on them?

One of the main reasons I love sending Christmas cards is the excuse to organize an annual family photoshoot. Once I’ve got the images back, I love sifting through them and displaying them in my home before choosing the winning picture.

Getting Crafty

Whether you’re loyal to the homemade Christmas card or prefer a shop-bought option, sending them out gives all of us the chance to sit down and get a little crafty. Digging out my extensive collection of envelope stickers, address stamps, and holiday cards gives me nostalgic excitement for the festive season – and not to mention the special pens I get to use to write the cards!

Cards Allow Us to Reconnect and Be Present

When I was preparing my Christmas card list this year, my husband grumbled over the cost. While it can get a little steep when you factor in photo costs and stamps alike, I believe it’s worth it for one significant benefit...

I get the chance to reconnect with people I miss and be present, even if for a moment.

While working through the address list, I noticed the pleasure gained from reaching out to friends and family I don’t get to see regularly. Even asking a simple question sparked hours of back and forth conversation – something social media can’t always offer.

And then there’s the joy of receiving a card you weren’t expecting! A simple act of kindness can make someone’s day, especially as we emerge from the pandemic. It has been a lonely time for many people, and something as small as a Christmas card can make all the difference.

So, that’s why I’ll be sending Christmas cards to my loved ones this year and in the many holidays that follow. Amidst the rush of gift shopping, decorating, and celebrating, why not take a moment to check in and be present with the people who mean the most to you?


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