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Introducing My 90-Year-Old Grandmother: Marjorie - Still Living Her Best Life

My Grandmother has been a huge part of my life, pretty much the whole time I’ve been in existence. A marvelously inspirational character, I’m ecstatic to say that she has entered into her 9th decade on this earth! What’s more, she continues to live her life to the fullest, bringing an intriguingly innovative outlook to the everyday. Electricity seems to flow through her, manifesting as luminous sparks in her intelligent, kind eyes.

My Younger Years

I remember the magical, whimsical feeling I’d get every time I walked into her home, as though it was something out of ‘House Beautiful’ magazine. The magnificent decor was beautifully brought to life by numerous Scandinavian antiques, humbly showcased here and there. Her loft was packed to the rafters with books that I loved to rifle through. The main floor was a sea of luscious plants and her ‘little girls’ room was home to us when we would stay over, along with a grand piano in the sitting room; that she still regularly plays to this day.

As I grew into adulthood, my life and my dreams took priority for a while. In my 20’s I moved from Nebraska to Arizona, on the hunt for new adventures. My amazingly supportive grandmother acted as my cheerleader, regardless of my frankly selfish approach to sharing my time after my move out of state! It's so easy to overlook these things when you’re young and naïve - thankfully, she stuck with me all the way even though we didn't talk as much since that was before our lives using smartphones.

The Trust Fund that made a difference

My grandmother isn’t simply a kind, supportive woman, she’s also a business genius. She has been paramount to the growth of my and my family’s individual and business success over the years. In my early 30s, she announced to us grandchildren that a Trust would be set up after my grandfather had passed away. Her aim was to use the money to help us change our lives while she was alive and present, to contribute to her grandchildren's business ventures.

We were each bestowed a flat contribution from the trust fund to be used in increments or all at once. However, there were strings attached. Before releasing any funds to an individual, it was stipulated that the money must be used for things like higher learning, business start-ups, investments, and so on. Once you had an idea, the next step was to do the math. Prove what the costs were and that it was all viable and submit your request to her, for her approval! She was very strict with her guidelines on what was acceptable.

Finally, you’d then put in a 10% contribution to seal the deal. She would never cover it in full, as she wisely believes in the power of appreciation and putting your own skin in the game.

The Reconnection

During the decade that I was using the trust money for licensing and other credentials for my profession in the financial industry, we became closer and built a stronger bond than I had in my younger years. Well played Grandma! We spoke on the phone more and more and then eventually more by text. This wonderful, business-savvy woman gave me the springboard I needed to really take things seriously without going into debt. The ironic thing is that she doesn't really see herself as a businesswoman in real life but she certainly excels in strategic thinking.

Nowadays, we often discuss things that inspire us about the world and text weekly, sometimes daily. We communicate about a book or a video we’ve devoured, discussing insights from so many walks of life. She’s one of the few people that I talk with frequently that gleans the same level of joy from learning and innovation. She says that books can be our best friends and I share the love of a large library currently in my home and office.

The Future

Marjorie has a pasture of rolling, hopeful hills ahead of her, topped off with an optimistic, light blue sky. When I told her I would like to interview her for content to present on my podcast but to also document her thoughts, her response to me was “What a wonderful way to begin my next decade!” I think we should all have a similar attitude about life!

It’s this positivity and vitality that makes her so magnetic, especially in a world full of people who sometimes seem to have surrendered apathetically. Not Marjorie - she’s here to keep blowing us all away!

I share this with you all because I want to show her gratitude for her birthday and to also give you all ideas on how you can shine your inner Marjorie to your loved ones. Staying present and available to help inspire others is certainly something we can all do more of while we are here on Earth. I hope this helps you to take some action today and to imagine how you are going to begin implementing your ideas to those around you this New Year.

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