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Pathways to Wellness: Health, and Beyond the Surface of Hair Loss with Carly Vlachos

Updated: Feb 16

Introduction: Welcome to another episode of "The Amber Stitt Show," where we delve into the diverse facets of wellness. In this enlightening episode, our host, Amber, is joined by hair loss specialist Carly Klein and nutrition expert Julie Clarke. Together, they explore the intriguing topic of hair loss, specifically focusing on the condition called Alopecia Areata. Join us as we uncover the truths about hair loss and discuss the pathways to wellness in this area.

Understanding Alopecia Areata: The conversation takes off with Carly enlightening us about Alopecia Areata, which significantly impacts about 10% of people experiencing hair loss. Unlike genetic hair loss, Alopecia Areata is often triggered by stress, autoimmune issues, medications, or surgeries. Carly emphasizes that many people often mistake their hair loss for Alopecia Areata, when in reality, it may be caused by different factors. To determine the exact cause, Carly utilizes a special microscope to closely examine the scalp, identifying areas of inflammation and miniaturized hairs that can be reversed.

Recognizing Alopecia Areata: Carly describes Alopecia Areata as circular patches of complete hair loss, leaving the surrounding hair healthy. She compares it to a turtle retracting into its shell when it feels threatened. The condition manifests as smooth, hairless patches with a texture akin to a baby's bottom. Carly emphasizes the importance of unraveling the underlying causes to stimulate hair growth in those affected. The team at Carly's clinic aims to wake up the "hiding" hair follicles and help patients understand why they went into hiding in the first place.

Early Intervention is Key: Amber shares her personal experience, where her hairdresser noticed hair loss and promptly referred her to Carly. Highlighting the necessity of early intervention, Carly explains that when it comes to genetic hair loss, the problem typically progresses gradually. By the time we notice it, about 50% of hair has already been lost. Therefore, recognizing changes in our hair and seeking professional help sooner rather than later is crucial.

Debunking Hair Care Myths: In an intriguing discussion, Amber and Carly explore common hair care misconceptions. The conversation revolves around dry shampoo and infrequent hair washing. Carly explains that frequent hair washing is essential for those experiencing hair loss. She compares shedding hair to the natural process of leaves falling off a tree. While the average person loses around 5-700 hairs daily, those with hair loss tend to scrutinize each hair, often causing unnecessary worry. Additionally, Carly emphasizes the importance of using tonifying cleansers and shampooing more frequently to cleanse the scalp and prohibit debris accumulation.

Addressing Hair Loss Holistically: Transitioning to the nutrition aspect of hair loss, Julie Clarke shares her expertise. She emphasizes the significance of addressing hair loss from both inside and outside. By focusing on nutrition and essential nutrients, she helps individuals combat hair shedding and promote regrowth. Additionally, considering environmental factors is equally vital in the journey toward healthy hair.

Conclusion: As this episode of "The Amber Stitt Show" comes to a close, we've gained valuable insights into the world of hair loss. Carly Klein, with her expert knowledge, unveils the nuances of Alopecia Areata and stresses the importance of early intervention. Julie Clarke emphasizes the role of nutrition and environmental elements in maintaining healthy hair. By combining their expertise, Carly and Julie provide a holistic perspective on hair loss management. Remember, if you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss, it's essential to seek professional guidance. Whether it's Alopecia Areata, genetic hair loss, or other causes, approaching the issue proactively can help stimulate hair growth and promote overall well-being. Stay tuned for future episodes of "The Amber Stitt Show" as we continue to explore various pathways to wellness.

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[00:01:23] Scalp magnification reveals hair loss and inflammation. [00:04:53] Wash hair more, shedding is normal. [00:09:09] Hair loss in younger people is concerning. Immune suppressants can help, but mental well-being is important too. [00:11:27] Advocate for yourself, find specialist, avoid dismissive doctors. [00:13:47] Knowledge is power; be your own advocate.

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