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Pathways to Wellness, Health, and Beyond the Surface of Hair Loss

Updated: Feb 16


Welcome to The Amber Stitt Show! In this episode we dive deep into the topic of hair loss and the importance of being your own advocate when seeking specialized medical help. Our guests, Carly and Julie, share their personal experiences, shedding light on the emotional and physical aspects of this condition. Join us as we explore their journeys, discuss the importance of taking action, address underlying causes, and emphasize the significance of well-being.

Being Your Own Advocate: The Power of Seeking Alternatives

Amber, Julie, and Carly's stories highlight the importance of being persistent when dealing with hair loss. They share their experiences of people seeking help from specialists who were dismissive or provided limited answers. Their accounts demonstrate the need to move on and find professionals who can provide the attention and time necessary for effective treatment.

Medical Expertise: Navigating the Path to Full Recovery

Dermatologists who specialize in hair loss play a crucial role in providing comprehensive care. Amber and Julie highlight the significance of finding a specialist who goes beyond surface-level treatments, such as injections or surface applications, to address the underlying causes of hair loss. If flare-ups continue without alternate treatment options, they suggest consulting someone with extensive knowledge in that specific area.

Education and Innovation: Empowering Patients

Physicians are becoming more educated on various ways to treat hair loss, providing patients with access to a wider range of resources. Amber shares how she initially felt dramatic for seeking help immediately, but her hair grew back within two months once she took the initiative. The key takeaway here is that taking accountability and doing the work to gather information and explore solutions can lead to positive outcomes.

Little Steps Towards Big Results: Financials and Self-Care

In this episode, we learn not only about hair loss but also about the importance of taking action in various aspects of our lives. Just as we strive to take small steps to improve our financial situations, such as budgeting and saving, we can also incorporate little steps towards hair wellness. Washing your hair more frequently, using tonifying shampoos, and addressing scalp issues promptly are some practical suggestions provided by our guests.

Understanding Hair Loss and Redefining Beauty

Our guests debunk common misconceptions surrounding hair loss. The average person should lose 50 to 100 hairs per day, emphasizing that hair shedding is a normal and temporary situation. They also highlight the importance of considering factors such as ethnicity and oil glands when determining the type and frequency of hair washing. Additionally, they discuss how hair loss can sometimes be mistaken for dandruff, indicating the necessity of seeking professional advice for accurate diagnosis.

The Emotional Toll: Building Confidence and Inner Strength

Hair loss can profoundly impact an individual's confidence. Our guests acknowledge that their self-esteem was affected by their hair-related concerns. Still, they stress the importance of working on inner self to improve overall well-being, regardless of hair. They discuss indicators of stress that may not always be visible and remind us that hair-related issues can arise at any age.

Advocating for Your Well-being: Lessons Learned

Carly urges listeners to be proactive and advocate for themselves, especially when feeling dismissed by healthcare providers. Finding a provider who is willing to take necessary steps and thoroughly investigate health concerns is vital for effective treatment. The importance of addressing the underlying cause of a problem is emphasized throughout the episode, as it is crucial for long-term success in managing hair loss.


Amber, Julie, and Carly's stories remind us of the power of being our own advocates and seeking alternatives when needed. We explore the innovative approaches taken by healthcare professionals and the significance of understanding the underlying causes of hair loss. By taking action, implementing small steps, and focusing on our mental well-being, we can navigate the challenging journey of hair loss and emerge stronger and more confident on the other side.

Timestamped Overview

[00:01:23] Scalp magnification reveals hair loss and inflammation. [00:04:53] Wash hair more, shedding is normal. [00:09:09] Hair loss in younger people is concerning. Immune suppressants can help, but mental well-being is important too. [00:11:27] Advocate for yourself, find specialist, avoid dismissive doctors. [00:13:47] Knowledge is power; be your own advocate.

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