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Focus On Talents: Unpacking BLUE: Self-Awareness and Accountability in Leadership with Kyle Gillette

Discovering the BLUE Framework with Kyle Gillette on Pathways with Amber Stitt

In a recent thought-provoking episode of Pathways with Amber Stitt, entrepreneur and leadership coach Kyle Gillette unveiled the secrets behind his innovative BLUE framework. His insights are essential for anyone striving to enhance their leadership skills or seeking to understand how personal transformation can impact professional environments.

Kyle’s journey into the world of business and personal coaching, as discussed in the podcast, started with a dramatic shift when a cease and desist forced him to rebrand his original venture. This urgency led to the birth of "Blue Shirt Coaching," a name inspired by both his blue-collar background and the foundational principles that now guide his leadership coaching strategies.

The BLUE framework, a cornerstone of his teaching, is an acronym that stands for Be a self-aware leader, Lead with accountability, Use a growth mindset, and Empower others. These principles aren't just buzzwords but are deeply integrated into Kyle’s personal and professional experiences. His journey from the orange farms of Central California to becoming a recognized coach offers a rich backdrop to this intuitive methodology.

During the episode, Kyle shared an anecdote about an epiphany that struck him at 3 AM, leading to a frenzied writing session where the BLUE framework truly took shape. This story didn’t just highlight his commitment but underscored the organic, often chaotic, nature of real inspiration and entrepreneurship.

Amber Stitt, with her insightful questioning, drew out another critical aspect of leadership from Kyle - the importance of redefining one’s perspective towards their team. "Start with the expectation that [employees] are going to be high performers," Kyle advised, emphasizing the immense potential of positive assumptions and how they can recalibrate a leader’s perception, impacting the entire team dynamics.

Kyle illustrated his point with a powerful metaphor about how our brains process information - likening it to grabbing a handful of toothpicks from a multitude of falling ones, each second. The implications for leadership are profound: the 'toothpicks' you choose to focus on can either build up or break down the morale and productivity of your team, depending on whether your filter is tuned to positives or negatives.

Journaling, as suggested by Kyle, emerged as another practical tool for leaders. This simple act can help any individual step out of their routine cognitive patterns and gain new insights into their behaviors and decisions. Whether one prefers to journal in a traditional diary or use digital tools, the goal is to find a method that allows for reflection and growth.

Another key takeaway was the importance of continuous education and self-improvement. Kyle himself is a lifelong learner, actively seeking mentorship and training to enhance his skills and serve his clients better. This commitment to self-improvement is contagious and reflects one of the core messages of the episode: effective leadership evolves continuously and requires both introspection and an openness to new learning opportunities.

Amber’s show often highlights the interconnection between personal development and professional success, and this episode with Kyle Gillette was a testament to that theme. Leaders or businesses looking to foster a culture of accountability and empowerment would find the BLUE framework particularly beneficial. It’s a tool crafted not just from textbooks but from the gritty realities of life’s unpredictable challenges and lessons.

Listeners left the episode equipped with practical strategies to implement immediately, from shifting their expectations of employees to engaging more deeply through meaningful questions. Kyle Gillette’s BLUE framework isn’t just a methodology; it’s a blueprint for those aiming to nurture leadership that's as humane as it is effective.

For those intrigued by this approach, Kyle’s book, "Right Now Leadership", delves deeper into these concepts, providing readers with a structured path to developing their leadership style. And as always, to gather more insights and life-enhancing tips, staying tuned to Pathways with Amber Stitt is a must for all aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs.

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Rebranding business with own acronym, perfect fit.

06:10 Importance of self-awareness for leadership and entrepreneurship.

08:15 Development of employees leads to team ownership.

10:41 Positive perspective shapes interactions and relationships.

15:06 Emphasizing next generation, business opportunities, and validation.

17:07 Community support crucial for professional and personal growth.

21:00 Visualize future experiences, journal regularly for success.

23:59 Encouraging people to take small steps forward.

📘 To learn more about Kyle Gillette and Blue Shirt Coaching, visit his website:


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