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Focus On Wellness: Environmental, Physical, & Spiritual Health Secrets with Cathy Nesbitt

Embracing Health and Happiness: Insights from Cathy Nesbitt on Pathways with Amber Stitt

In the recent episode of Pathways, Amber welcomed Cathy Nesbitt, a dynamic health and wellness advocate, to delve into the multifaceted topics of enzymes, sprouting, composting, and bringing joy through laughter yoga. This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge, filled with actionable insights and motivational stories from Cathy's journey.

The Power of Enzymes and Sprouting

Cathy Nesbitt passionately discussed the pivotal role enzymes play in our diet. These vital proteins are essential for digestion and overall health. Unfortunately, our modern diets often consist of "broken food," which lacks the necessary enzymes, leading to digestive issues and other health problems. Cathy highlighted the importance of incorporating raw foods into our diets, specifically sprouts.

Since 2002, Cathy has been on a mission to promote sprouted mung beans as part of a health plan. Sprouts are often considered the "original fast food" due to their high nutritional value and enzyme content. These tiny powerhouses are easy to grow and can significantly boost one's health, making them an ideal addition to any diet.

Cathy's passion for sprouts led her to start selling sprout grower machines, encouraging others to take control of their health. She emphasized the benefits of sprouting various organic beans and seeds, which offer a plethora of nutrients and can easily be incorporated into daily meals.

From Composting to Laughter Yoga

Beyond her expertise in sprouts, Cathy Nesbitt is also the founder of Cathy's Crawly Composters, a business she started two decades ago to address the issue of garbage export in Canada. Despite initial challenges and resistance, Cathy persevered, winning awards and educating people about the importance of indoor composting using worms.

Cathy's approach to overcoming people's fear of worms is particularly interesting. By employing humor and psychology, she managed to break down barriers and change perceptions. She described the process of creating a habitat for worms, the importance of a carbon-nitrogen mix, and how indoor composting helps in waste management and soil production.

In addition to her composting endeavors, Cathy introduced listeners to the fascinating world of laughter yoga. Initially skeptical, Cathy embraced laughter yoga after experiencing its transformative benefits. This practice, started by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995, involves intentional laughter exercises, clapping, and making eye contact to release a cascade of happy chemicals in the brain – Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

Laughter yoga is a simple yet powerful tool to combat stress and bring joy. Cathy laughs daily, having a laughter buddy to share this joyful ritual every morning. She also teaches laughter yoga, running workshops and courses to help others incorporate this uplifting practice into their lives.

Overcoming Challenges and Spreading Joy

Cathy's journey hasn't been without its challenges. From facing resistance to her composting business to overcoming the stigma associated with worms, Cathy persisted with resilience and optimism. She recounted a pivotal moment in 2012 when someone's disgust at the idea of worms in the house led her to question her path. This "A-ha" moment reaffirmed her mission and propelled her forward.

Cathy believes she is divinely guided, and this belief has been a driving force behind her efforts to spread joy and wellness. Her introduction to laughter yoga felt like a lifeline thrown by angels, and she has since dedicated herself to teaching others the power of laughter.

Laughter yoga is not about poses; it's about intention and connection. With laughter clubs in over 120 countries, this practice aims to promote world peace through collective joy. It serves as a fast and effective way to shift from stress to a state of childlike wonder, which is increasingly necessary in our fast-paced, often stressful world.

Call to Action:

The episode concluded with a shared call to action from both Amber Stitt and Cathy Nesbitt. They urged listeners to take steps towards improving their health and embracing joy in their lives. Whether it's through incorporating sprouts into your diet, starting your composting journey, or joining a laughter yoga session, the message is clear – take action for a healthier, happier you.

For more information, visit Cathy Nesbitt's websites on composting, sprouts, and laughter clubs. Amber Stitt also encouraged listeners to check out her website for additional resources and support on their wellness journey.

Tune in to Pathways with Amber Stitt for more inspiring episodes and expert insights into health and wellness. Don’t miss this impactful conversation with Cathy Nesbitt, where laughter and health truly go hand in hand.

And remember, let's take action today!

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Checking out social media, preparing, discussing wellness.

03:36 Business idea: people buy what they want.

07:36 Worms serve vital roles in ecosystem sustainability.

10:33 Staying true to self, seeking direction, success.

16:04 Humans control their own pharmaceutical response.

17:01 Laughter is free and contagious, feels good.

19:58 Corporate training, team building, creativity, stress relief.

23:35 Poor diet leads to enzyme deficiency, digestive issues.

25:50 Don't retire, keep serving, consider new business.

29:13 Join us, visit, take action!

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