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Focus on Talents: Unlocking Your Business Leadership Strengths with Donna Dube

Updated: Feb 16

Welcome back to another exhilarating episode of ‘The Amber Stitt Show’ where we had the incredible opportunity to host Donna Dube, the founder of CEO Amplify, on our podcast.

As an expert in CEO management, Donna provided brilliant insights into the world of corporate leadership, strategic planning, team building, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Firstly, Donna reiterated the key philosophy that underpins all her coaching and mentoring—"Doing less, better". She believes in the power of creating a harmonious balance between professional duties and personal life. Drawing from her personal experience of working around the clock to the detriment of her family life, Donna learned the hard way about the importance of valuing CEO time. This breakthrough realization changed her life and is a core principle she now instills into other CEOs. She suggested three pragmatic ways for CEOs to manage daily tasks: delegate, automate, and stop.

Focusing on growth-level tasks can dramatically improve a team's capabilities and outcomes. By delegating tasks based on team members' skills and interests, CEOs can attain a balance that maximizes productivity and minimizes stress. This notion sparked an intriguing conversation around the power of assessments, such as the Kolby A Index and DiSC, which help reveal natural tendencies and thus can be used to create a harmonious balance within team dynamics. Donna, who identifies as a low Quick Start and a high Fact Finder, illustrated her success in working with high Quick Start clients, highlighting the value of diversity in team building.

Strategic planning also emerged as a focal point in the conversation. Donna proposed reverse engineering goals from a monthly to quarterly, and then to a yearly basis. She corroborates that this long-term perspective can provide a framework for success without the need for constant resolution setting.

Importantly, hiring the right people based on shared values and job descriptions can significantly impact a business's bottom line. According to Donna, delegating tasks to appropriate team members can lead to a 30-40% increase in sales, thus bolstering a company's financial standing.

Furthermore, Donna shared how entrepreneurship is a path towards financial freedom. To navigate this journey, she encourages entrepreneurs to start small, learn basic financial concepts, and partner with third-party professionals for financial decision-making. Believe it or not, for most CEOs, marketing isn’t a strong suit. However, Donna and I agreed on the significance of visibility in building a business.

From creating strategic partnerships to utilizing social media, engaging with potential customers is key in attracting new business opportunities and achieving success and wealth.

In closing, our conversation with Donna Dube provided thought-provoking insights and practical strategies on CEO time management, strategic planning, and the benefits of diverse team dynamics. As entrepreneurs, we must continually focus on doing less but in a much better way—a philosophy that ensures our professional and personal lives are in harmony.

Until next time, wishing you growth and success in your personal and professional lives. Be sure to check the Amber Stitt Show for more inspiring content.

For more information about Donna Dube please follow the links below:

Timestamped Overview:

00:13 Excitement for productive meetings, work without feeling like work. 03:41 Multiple paths to success, exploration is key. 08:46 Third-party assistance helps by providing objective perspective. 10:35 Engage on social media to build authority. 12:47 Beware bromancing in interviews for effective hiring. 16:05 Natural work style: analyze vs. ideate. 19:06 Break down time for successful project batching. 22:09 Global contractors, effective communication, efficient project management.


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