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Focus On Talents: Ron Earley's Journey to Building Wealth and Intentional Family Relationships

Updated: Jun 3

Building Success Through Resilience: The Inspiring Journey of Ron Earley

On this episode of Pathways with Amber Stitt, host Amber Stitt dives into the remarkable entrepreneurial journey of Ron Earley, renowned as "The Sales God." Ron's trajectory from dropping out of college to becoming a titan in the business world offers invaluable lessons on resilience, innovation, and the human spirit's indomitable will to succeed.

The Origin of "The Sales God"

Ron Earley's moniker, "The Sales God," was not self-granted but bestowed upon him by an older gentleman he once trained. This title became synonymous with Ron's ability to excel, but his path to success was fraught with challenges. Dropping out of college, Ron took a job at a YouFit gym in Florida. Despite the lack of a required degree and the absence of a district trainer, Ron thrived. His efforts didn’t just bring personal success; they shaped the entire state of Florida for the gym chain. This early triumph in sales laid the foundation for what would later become Automation Empire and is now known as Greywolfe Investing, a company Ron led to generate over $1.4 billion in revenue.

A Born Entrepreneur

Ron’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age. From selling duplicate Pokémon cards to organizing community events for profit, he displayed a knack for business. His inspiration was close to home—his father, an entrepreneur owning a construction company. Despite initial conflict over Ron's decision to drop out of college, his father's entrepreneurial ethos profoundly influenced Ron's path.

Family and Values-Centric Rebranding

Throughout the episode, Ron emphasizes the importance of intention in both personal relationships and parenting. From setting up date nights to being present for his children, he underscores that family should never be sidelined for work. This philosophy recently led to the rebranding of his company to Greywolfe Investing, aligning the business more closely with values of family and legacy.

Amber Stitt resonates with this sentiment, sharing her experiences in mindful parenting and the impacts of technology on family dynamics. Together, they explore tactics like limiting phone use during family time and sending gratitude texts to maintain connections.

The Power of Systems and Community

Ron's pivot from manual labor to sales automation became a pivotal point in his career. Despite the physical toll of construction work, Ron found a love for creating systems, a passion that has played a significant role in his success. He believes that systems are the backbone of any successful business, noting that the more intricate a business becomes, the more crucial effective systems are.

Furthermore, Ron and Amber delve into building a positive company culture. Ron's approach to culture is intentional, focusing on employees' personal goals, ensuring they align with the company's mission. He extends this practice into his family life, advocating quality time over quantity and ensuring present, dedicated moments with his children.

Overcoming Setbacks and Online Ventures

Ron’s journey was not without significant hurdles. An anecdote about purchasing expensive equipment for a failed project and the pressure it created shows his resilience. Another instance, involving a financial strain due to an Amazon "velocity review," underscores the unpredictability of entrepreneurial ventures. Yet, these challenges made Ron wary of internet fame and uncomfortable with the idea of becoming the face of his successful sales and marketing agency.

Community Engagement and Personal Branding

The episode also highlights Ron's impactful contributions to his community, particularly his involvement in hurricane relief efforts. His efforts included donating a vehicle, delivering food, and generators, which earned him recognition from the city.

Despite his hesitance towards internet fame, Ron stresses the importance of personal branding in building trust and a strong business. His experience reflects a fine balance between leveraging personal branding for business success and maintaining personal comfort.


Ron Earley's story, as unveiled in this episode of Pathways, serves as an inspiring blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs. From tackling early setbacks to emphasizing family and community, Ron’s journey illustrates that success is not just about financial gain. It’s about creating value, maintaining integrity, and building a legacy that aligns with one’s deepest values. Amber’s insightful questions and shared experiences make this episode a must-listen for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of business and life with intention and resilience.

To catch more inspiring stories and practical tips, visit Amber Stitt’s website and don't forget to take action today in your own journey of success. Thank you for joining us!

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Young trainer overcomes challenges, earns respect.

03:38 Origin story, transitions, entrepreneurship, revenue growth, mindset.

08:33 Terrifying past, work consumed life, uncertain future.

09:45 Entrepreneur finds opportunity in booming construction industry.

15:02 Spent all money, need to slow down.

17:41 Started agency, avoided exposure, found success again.

19:37 Helped with hurricane relief, received key award.

24:56 Promote gratitude texts over constant phone use.

27:00 Building community of like-minded investors, entrepreneurs.

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