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Focus on Talents: Passion-Powered Success with Advertising Guru John Follis

Updated: Feb 16

Welcome back to The Amber Stitt Show blog, where we continue to explore the journeys of remarkable individuals who have turned their ambition and passions into success. Today, we'll dive into the incredible insights shared with us by John Follis, a titan in the advertising world.

### Stepping Out of the Shadows

John Follis is renowned for his successful advertising campaigns. He divulged to Amber how transforming his fear into a tool for success has been pivotal in his career. His proactive approach included taking acting classes in New York to work on shyness and improve his speaking skills. These choices epitomize the necessity of stepping out of one's comfort zone — a philosophy that led him to opportunities like the Kenneth Cole campaign that made waves in New York City.

### Small Pitches, Big Impacts

It was in an elevator where Follis's creativity with "crazy eyes" imagery caught attention, leading to a $93,000 project. This tale underscores the potency of a well-crafted elevator pitch. But it's not just the pitch—it's the hustle, focus, and a clear mission behind it that can make a monumental difference in achieving goals.

### The Harmony of Life and Work

Our conversation veered into the personal joys that fuel our professional endeavors. John Follis brought a palpable enthusiasm to the podcast as he discussed forming a rock band and the passion of playing guitar. Similarly, Amber celebrated the vitality that interests outside work bring into our lives, such as her 92-year-old grandmother's home remodeling projects.

This balance of finding one's "main thing" while adding fun things highlights a significant theme of our show — pursuing financial freedom over traditional retirement. It's about painting your life's canvas with diverse passions that fulfill you beyond the office.

### Lessons from Creative Giants

John and Amber reflected on figures like Steve Jobs, emphasizing how passion can ignite the fuel for success. This wasn't just about admiring legends in history but drawing parallels to our everyday lives. Whether it's Amber's father, who infused a love for music in her and joy in his grandchildren, or Follis' own bravery in stepping into the unknown, it all circles back to the power of passion.

### A Leap into Filmmaking

One of the most captivating moments of the podcast was when John Follis detailed his unexpected entry into documentary filmmaking. Without formal training, his writing prowess and a knack for piecing together existing imagery and videos paved the way to create a documentary that earned acclaim after being featured on This incredible feat demonstrates that often, our most remarkable work comes from trusting our intuition and taking a plunge into uncharted territories.

### Embracing the Journey of Continual Learning

Both Amber and John illuminated the importance of being perpetual students of life. From Amber's fortuitous encounter at an insurance conference, which led to a promising business partnership, to John's early adoption of podcasting and blogging, it's clear that the willingness to learn and adapt is critical in our professional endeavors.

John candidly discussed his challenges, including being fired multiple times, which he attributed to navigating big agency environments poorly. But it’s those tribulations that have taught him the significance of being in the right environment to thrive — a lesson that led him to the freelance world and, ultimately, success.

### Wrapping Up with Inspiration

Concluding the episode, Amber commended John Follis for his multifaceted journey — from a copy writer to an award-winning documentary maker. It’s a tale that serves as a testament to what one can achieve by trusting in their abilities and following where their gut leads.

The Amber Stitt Show is all about unraveling the threads that weave the tapestry of success. John Follis's story is one of countless others, woven with resilience, creativity, and the tenacity to pursue one’s dreams. Stay tuned and continue to be inspired as we bring you more stories that inspire and drive us to unleash our full potential.

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The Amber Stitt Show. If John Follis's story has sparked something in you, or if you've got your success story to share, let us know! Remember, the intersection of passion and career is where the magic happens.

For more information about John Follis and his work:

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Exploring financial freedom and self-belief for success.

05:41 Seeking freelance opportunities led to successful projects.

07:04 Mysterious campaign created buzz for Kenneth Cole.

10:56 Pushing past fears, growth, and diversification.

16:56 Networking encounter leads to potential business opportunity.

20:17 Talent isn't always necessary for success. Keep focus, ambition, drive, and keep learning.

20:49 Success is finding your main thing.

26:11 Appreciating music, family legacy, and romantic allure.

28:09 Writer creates successful documentary with limited resources.


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