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Focus On Talents: Empowering Financial Advisors and Breaking Barriers with Alanah Phillips

Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Mindset for Creative Freedom – Insights from Alanah Phillips

In this episode of Pathways with Amber Stitt, we dove deep into the transformative journey of Alanah Phillips, a beacon of courage and tenacity in the finance industry. The discussion centered around the pivotal shift from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one, especially in how we value time and manage our resources.

For many, spending money to save time is a tough pill to swallow. But as Phillips pointed out, the entrepreneurial mindset challenges this notion, recognizing that time is a non-renewable commodity. She colorfully depicted this mindset with anecdotes from her managerial days at Starbucks to her current, more strategic entrepreneurial role. By embracing change, Phillips exemplifies the rewards of moving beyond comfort zones to seek long-term opportunities.

Host Amber Stitt resonated with this idea, sharing her experience in hiring help which, in turn, catalyzed her creative freedom. This synergy between host and guest uncovered the crux of entrepreneurial success: knowing when and how to delegate to amplify creative potential.

Phillips and Stitt addressed the fine line between putting extra work into your role and falling into the trap of unpaid labor. While going the extra mile can catalyze significant career momentum, they urged listeners to balance this with a sense of self-worth and ethical consideration for one's contributions.

One standout moment came when Phillips shared her unique experience being granted the liberty to consult for a multimillion-dollar financial advisory practice while still employed. This opportunity showcased how companies that support the entrepreneurial spirits within their teams can yield mutual benefits—a philosophy that is the bedrock of Phillips's initiatives like Advisor Launch Lab and Break Up With Your Broker Dealer.

At the heart of Phillips's ethos is advocacy—speaking up for the underrepresented and using her extroversion as a force for positive disruption within the financial landscape. She emphasized the potential in the younger generation, underscoring the importance of mentorship and guidance to channelize this potential in the right direction.

The conversation naturally swerved into networking and community building, with both Phillips and Stitt driving home the merits of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who can offer support and inspiration—a resource inestimable for burgeoning entrepreneurs.

Listeners got to peek into Phillips's own experiments with controlling income and mastering time. The experiment was not just provoking but empowering, showing listeners how to break free from traditional work models to embrace bold, new strategies for income growth and work-life balance.

Phillips also bravely tackled the tough topics of horizontal oppression and gender bias in the workplace, sharing a candid story about facing discrimination due to motherhood. These narratives are vital, shedding light on issues that often remain shrouded, stymying talent and progress.

Amber Stitt's dedication to fostering candid conversations was beautifully highlighted as Phillips recounted her admiration for a peer, Lindsey Lewis, who transformed professional jealousy into a catalyst for community building and professional growth.

The amicable exchange on the show also highlighted the power of strategic partnerships—a recurring theme in Phillips's and Stitt's narratives. Collaborations, particularly for women in male-dominated spaces, open pathways to innovations and solutions that no single person could dream up alone.

As the episode wrapped up, our guest left us with her contact details, an invitation for listeners to engage and a warm-hearted gratitude for the platform to share her message.

Listeners of The Amber Stitt Show were left with a wealth of wisdom from Alanah Phillips's journey, her entrepreneurial acumen, and her fervor for advocacy. For anyone seeking to transform their employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one, this episode is a treasure trove of insights, encouragement, and a clarion call to action.

Want to connect with Alanah Phillips or learn more about her empowering work in the financial industry? 📩 Visit her website at:

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Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Friend, you're inspiring, busy with big ideas.

03:13 Assist advisors to transition, thrive independently, succeed.

08:34 Young generation is informed, educated, and creators.

12:24 Effort equals reward, take on some risk.

15:21 Alanah finds freedom by embracing creativity and abundance.

18:25 Proactively seek and fill organizational knowledge gaps.

22:20 Entrepreneurs face isolation but focus on gaps.

25:09 Promoting positive change, acknowledging and addressing competition.

28:31 Overcoming stereotypes, embracing motherhood and career balance.

31:44 Acknowledging jealousy fosters healthy competition and connections.

33:12 Online presence across various platforms for engagement.


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