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Focus On Money: Principles Based Planning for Financial Freedom with Maria Betancourt

Updated: Feb 16

Introduction: Welcome to The Amber Stitt Show, where we dive deep into topics that promote personal development, financial literacy, and the principles of peak performance. In today's episode, we are joined by Maria Betancourt, a high-achiever who has overcome gender biases and built many successful businesses. Together, we explore the power of understanding financial principles and taking control of our financial futures. Join us on this journey towards financial freedom and empowerment.

Understanding Principles of Peak Performance: Maria starts by emphasizing the significance of mutual understanding and agreement on principles when meeting with others. It is crucial to set aside differences in knowledge or expertise and focus on collaboration and growth. Maria introduces the idea of having a system in place to stay on track, referencing Tony Robbins' concept of consistency. Consistently showing up and following a guidebook is essential for achieving peak performance.

Pillars of Peak Performance: Maria elaborates on the pillars of the pathways of peak performance, which include community, money, goals, liability management, marketing, behavior analysis, and staying relevant with technology. She emphasizes the importance of staying upfront to foster a sense of community. By nurturing valuable connections with like-minded individuals, we can learn and grow together.

Financial Empowerment: Maria's journey into financial independence stems from her desire to prioritize her family and be an active presence in her children's lives. She wanted the freedom to control her schedule and strike a balance between work and family responsibilities. Her drive and motivation came from her daughters, fueling her determination to teach them to be independent and go after their dreams, regardless of setbacks.

Understanding Insurance and Financial Management: Maria breaks down the misconception that insurance policies are expensive and difficult to understand. With a little time and effort, anyone can comprehend the policy and identify crucial information. However, she acknowledges that some clients may have had negative experiences when seeking clarification from insurance agents. As an advocate for financial literacy, Maria encourages clients to ask questions and seek out knowledgeable agents who are willing to help.

Diversifying Financial Options: Having run her own business for 15 years, Maria shares her regrets about not exploring different options earlier. She highlights the limitations of traditional financial plans and managers driven by fees. Maria emphasizes the importance of managing assets, understanding the available options, and protecting and growing savings holistically. She urges clients to make informed decisions and not rely solely on popular choices like 401(k) plans or 529 educational savings plans.

The Power of Community: Maria discusses the power of community and the need for personal development. She emphasizes the importance of surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who support growth and encourage positive thought leadership. Maria encourages individuals to seek out mentors who uplift and inspire them, avoiding those with negative mindsets. By joining a community focused on financial literacy and freedom, we can enhance our personal growth journeys.

Conclusion: In today's episode, Maria Betancourt and I have explored the principles that drive peak performance and financial freedom. We have learned the importance of mutual understanding and collaboration, as well as the significance of building a strong community. Maria has shown us the power of taking control of our financial futures and seeking out alternative options beyond traditional choices. By harnessing these principles and surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals, we can navigate the complex world of finance and achieve our goals. Join us next time as we continue our journey towards personal growth, financial empowerment, and the pursuit of peak performance on The Amber Stitt Show.

Timestamped Overview

[00:02:00] Origin story of financial independence; explain journey. [00:05:29] Eye-opening foundation leads to entrepreneurial journey. [00:08:49] "Pajama nights took a toll on me" [00:12:17] Being a present parent fueled my drive. [00:16:13] Limited options for saving, need for education. [00:20:13] Understanding insurance policies can be affordable and efficient. [00:22:12] Motivating action through customized, sequential process. [00:24:20] Wall Street's deceptive marketing of savings plans. [00:29:01] Community is about learning, growing, and supporting. [00:31:17] Find your own pathways challenge for growth.

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