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Focus on Community: Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty with The Live & Learn Organization

Updated: Feb 16

Introduction: Welcome back, loyal listeners, to another episode of The Amber Stitt Show! In today's episode, we have a very special guest joining us. We'll be diving deep into the inspiring work of Live and Learn, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Join us as we explore the incredible strides made by Live and Learn and how they are transforming the lives of women in need.

Meeting Iris and Discovering Live and Learn: Amber initially connected with Iris Ortega, a dynamic individual who discovered Live and Learn through their extensive network in the insurance and financial services sector. Amber was captivated by Iris's passion and commitment to making a difference. Intrigued by the organization's mission, Amber began her involvement as part of the Hope Blooms Committee at Live and Learn.

Overcoming Barriers through Customization: One of the primary takeaways discussed in this episode is the importance of a customized approach in tackling generational poverty. The Live and Learn organization understands that every individual and their circumstances are unique. By tailoring their services to the specific needs of each client, they are able to remove barriers and provide targeted support.

The Impact of Health on Financial Well-being: Our guest sheds light on the profound effect that health issues can have on a person's ability to escape poverty. Physical discomfort or dental problems can be incredibly distracting and hinder productivity, particularly when trying to juggle job responsibilities and caring for children. Live and Learn recognizes this and addresses the health needs of their clients to ensure they are well-equipped to pursue financial independence.

The Power of Financial Literacy: Financial literacy plays a crucial role in the journey towards breaking free from the chains of poverty. Our guest emphasizes the importance of understanding personal finance, irrespective of one's educational background. Live and Learn offers financial courses to their clients, with the potential support of sponsors and affiliates, including respected institutions such as Bank of America.

Live and Learn's Holistic Approach: Live and Learn's program focuses on five key areas: education, career planning, health, life skills, and financial literacy. Our guest highlights their appreciation of the organization's holistic approach, where each woman receives personalized services based on a comprehensive assessment. By addressing all aspects of a woman's life, Live and Learn empowers her to chart her own pathway out of poverty.

Success Stories and Volunteer Support: Intriguing success stories emerge from the Live and Learn program. One such example highlights how personalized financial coaching, provided by volunteers from institutions like Bank of America, has transformed a woman's life. Through diligent efforts, she managed to pay off debts, improve her credit score, and is now on the path to home ownership.

The Relevance of Financial Frameworks: Live and Learn adheres to a "pathways out of poverty" program, rooted in the peak performance framework. This framework focuses on talents and money, allowing individuals to utilize their strengths and develop financial acumen. The organization believes in equipping women with basic budgeting skills and supports them in building sustainable financial habits.

Support Live and Learn to Make a Difference: This uplifting episode emphasizes the transformative changes that Live and Learn can bring about in the lives of women facing generational poverty. To continue their incredible work, Live and Learn relies on the support of individuals, donors, partners, and volunteers. Listeners are encouraged to engage with Live and Learn's mission by visiting their website, following them on social media, and considering financial contributions.

Conclusion: What an enlightening conversation we've had today! We sincerely thank Iris Ortega for sharing her experiences and shedding light on the incredible work of the Live and Learn organization. We hope this episode has inspired you, our listeners, to take action, both big and small, to support women in breaking free from the chains of generational poverty. Remember, even a small monthly donation or utilizing the Arizona Tax Credit can create a significant impact. Let's come together as a community and help break the cycle of poverty, one woman at a time.

Join us in our next episode, where we will continue to shed light on important topics and engage in conversations that truly matter. Until then, stay informed, stay inspired, and stay tuned to The Amber Stitt Show.

Timestamped Overview

[00:01:19] Learn how Live and Learn helps Arizona. [00:04:06] Explanation: situational vs generational poverty, impact on children. [00:08:47] Pathway out of poverty: education, health, career. [00:11:55] COVID has raised poverty rates, misleading misconceptions. Domestic violence linked to financial dependence. [00:14:45] Financial literacy provided to women in program. Monthly workshops, one-on-one coaching, positive outcomes. [00:16:49] Interesting pathways out of poverty; focus on talents and money; customization and comprehension of finance; building routine budgeting and habits; providing resources for success. [00:19:56] $10 a month can make a big impact.

There are many ways you can support Live & Learn. If you would like to help this Organization, please contact Iris at and visit them at Here you can find additional information about:

-Target Circle

-Direct Sponsorships

-Annual Fundraisers and Events

**Please Follow them on Instagram at @liveandlearnaz or on Facebook at LiveandLearnAZ**

Please support Domestic Violence Month in October!

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