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While working as a physician insurance specialist, I saw the need to offer my business strategies to also include all medical specialties and business professionals. Being asked to do more for my clients transitioned my practice to offer more solutions to additional practice areas. Therefore, the Amber Stitt blog was created.

While I am passionate about assisting my physician clients with their risk management strategies, I also wanted to share additional resources with anyone that could benefit from business strategies I have incorporated over the years with my experiences; as both an employee and business owner.

Throughout this blog you will see focus within multiple areas, such as: insurance planning, business strategies, tips for business owners and how developing your talents can empower your life experiences. By working towards the development of your individual strengths, I believe the pursuit of your personal and professional goals become more gratifying.

It is important for me to demonstrate how my passion for what I do, is good for my clients which is shared throughout this blog and I hope to share ideas with those I haven't met yet.


I am hoping My Story will help you find your path and to inspire you to be able to take care of those who depend on you as well; either a client, patient or family member.

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As a business owner, my mission is to share tools and resources I have used, so I can help encourage and educate individuals along the way. You will find an assortment of tools and resources from insurance planning, to tips on how to negotiate and communicate as well as business strategies. Also, if you are curious about any technology or gear we use to keep our team as efficient as possible, you will find those resources here.

I truly believe that those that have a full understanding of themselves and appreciate who they are – and who they are not – are happier in general and are more engaged in every facet of their life.


Happiness is powerful, and that energy can be transferred into any situation, either at home or at work.

When we value who we are, we get better at what we do. When this occurs, we do our best to take care of others.

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