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Home Interior Design On A Budget | Get Ready For The Holiday Season!

There’s a certain sense of peace and harmony we get from having an organized and aesthetically pleasing home. A place for everything as they say, and everything in its place. However, often this seems easier said than done, particularly around the holiday season!

Say goodbye to holiday decoration hype

We’re all familiar with the decoration hysteria that takes many Americans by storm in the weeks leading up to the holiday season. We worry about our interior design and get caught up in a general feeling of unrest. Unfortunately, the result of this is that many of us end up with way too many decor items. What’s more, we spend way more money than we need to, during a time when every cent in our budget counts!

I recently hired an interior designer to take a look at my home. She taught me to see my home and my possessions differently and I wanted to share these tips with you. By simply being a little more organized this holiday season, you could save time and money, and ultimately make your home into the sanctuary you deserve all year round.

Get started with these tips, straight from my interior designer's mouth!

5 home interior design tips to help you to decorate on a budget this holiday season, and all year round.

1. Take an inventory

What’s hiding upstairs in your attic? Or under the bed in the spare room? It’s the ghost of Christmas past! In the form of long-forgotten holiday decorations…

Before you buy anything else, make sure you don’t have it already. This isn’t to say that you have to use something when you don’t like it, but that there’s no point in buying the same thing twice if you do!

2. Clear out the closet

We all have those things in the cupboard that we take out, only to put them back in again. We’re sure they’ll come in handy one day, but so far that hasn’t happened... It’s time to take control and clear out the closet.

Be realistic about the items that really aren’t adding anything special to your interior design, and get rid of that clutter. Enjoy the tranquility of knowing there are no interior design skeletons in your closet.

3. Consider your color scheme

The color scheme of your home defines what decor feels right. If you can afford to change the color scheme, consider what makes you feel peaceful, and what will look good for years to come. Now, take stock of your decorational items and see what goes with that color scheme.

If there’s anything that stands out from the crowd in an unpleasant way, it’s time to say goodbye!

4. Buy timeless items

If you don’t have every holiday decoration you want, invest in some timeless items that compliment your interior design. By timeless items, I mean things that will still be in fashion 10 or 20 years from now. We can all get drawn in by the sparkly allure of a Target holiday decoration deal, but will it still look good five years from now? Probably not.

Classic, durable decorative pieces can not only be used again and again, but also add a certain understated coziness to your home.

5. Rotate your decor

Many of us have collected lots of little bits and pieces over the years. Sometimes, when we have all of these pieces out at once, things can feel a little overcrowded.

Take stock of all of your decor items. What goes with what? Instead of having everything out at once, try minimizing and switching things up every couple of months instead. Take it as an opportunity to mark the changing of the seasons!

By rotating your decor you can relax in a clutter-free space, appreciate pieces more, and delight guests every few months with your interior refreshment!

Happy Holidays - enjoy enjoying your home while saving time and money!


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