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Focus On Talents: Random Love Cube Rolls for Intentional Love Roles with Paul Zolman

Updated: Feb 16

Unraveling the Role of Love in Life and Business: A Convo with Paul Zolman

In a world that often prioritizes profit over people, Paul Zolman brings a fresh perspective to the table — one that's shaped by understanding and practicing love languages in both personal life and the corporate environment. In an engaging episode of The Amber Stitt Show, host Amber Stitt delves into a heartfelt discussion with the former CFO and business owner, who has recently authored "The Role of Love," about his transformative journey and the creative ways he's promoting love as a crucial element in every facet of life.

Paul's mission to spread the power of love began from a place of personal transformation. An upbringing in a turbulent family environment led to a significant realization: there was a dire need for a positive change. He described how this need drove him to seek resources on love and emotional connectivity, where he encountered "The 5 Love Languages." Initially skeptical about their practicality, Paul embarked on a path that not only led to self-improvement but also sparked a desire to create tools that encourage others to engage with love more meaningfully.

One such invention is Paul's unique cube. Inspired by the concept of love languages but unable to license Dr. Chapman's iconic symbols, Paul decided to innovate. With the help of an intellectual property attorney, he designed his own set of icons, skillfully imprinted on a cube that serves as a daily reminder to practice specific acts of love. Each roll of this carefully engineered cube denotes a love language to explore, promoting a game-like atmosphere around expressing affection and care. It's an idea that took years to perfect, ensuring the cube's symbols were universally understandable and its design promoted randomness.

The cube, however, is just a part of the bigger picture.

Paul’s venture is underpinned by a profound belief: teaching children to express and recognize love can fundamentally alter their experiences, both at home and in school. Through this belief, he has tested his methods, such as the dice activity, in learning environments to highlight responsibility, improve interactions, and indirectly spot students needing additional emotional support.

Transitioning to the hierarchical world of business, Paul's insights were nothing short of revolutionary. During the podcast, he shared stories illustrating how embodying kind leadership significantly uplifts workplace morale — often surpassing monetary incentives in its impact. Paul, drawing from his own background as a CFO, emphasized that cultivating an atmosphere of care and recognition goes a long way in amplifying productivity while minimizing hostile work environments.

Host Amber Stitt seamlessly connected with Paul's narrative, reflecting on her own consulting and personal experiences. Understanding and appreciating individual differences, she agreed, is the foundation of a harmonious team dynamic. The two shared a common enthusiasm for adopting an attitude of love in the professional arena, revealing the untapped potential of nurturing compassionate corporate cultures.

Paul further captivated the audience with his concept of "surprise me" days, dedicated to random acts of kindness and laying the groundwork for unforeseen opportunities. It's a theme that was warmly laced throughout the podcast — the remarkable influence of freely giving love and the enriching returns of such generosity.

Listeners eager to traverse Paul Zolman's path can find a starter pack on his website,, encompassing the cube, his book, and a journal for reflections — all designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of love. Meanwhile, Amber invited her audience to explore additional resources at for further enlightenment on leading in your business and personal lives.

"Random Love Cube Rolls for Intentional Love Roles" wasn't just a podcast episode; it was a reminder of the underestimated yet eminent force that is love. Paul and Amber's exchange is a call to action for anyone willing to harness this power — from parents and educators to business leaders and colleagues — to craft a more empathetic and connected world, one act of love at a time.

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 More love, less hostility for productive workplace.

03:22 Angry culture overshadowed my life, stifling voices.

09:31 Replacing annoyance with love for positive change.

13:15 Two years creating a universal, non-verbal message.

15:53 Students tested in school, journal for evaluation.

19:45 Mastering love languages helps transform perspectives.

20:34 Learn love languages to see and respond.

23:55 Recognizing and utilizing talents in business.

28:40 Entrepreneurial spirit led to Christmas ornament business.

30:56 Sending out love creates positive outcomes for all.

For more information about Paul Zolman and his love cube, book, and journal please visit his LinkedIn:

And his website:


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