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Focus on Talents: Creating Confident Professional Communications with Amy Scruggs

Updated: Feb 16

As we traverse the multifaceted landscapes of our personal and professional lives, the ability to articulate our thoughts and visions clearly becomes ever so paramount. On this captivating episode of The Amber Stitt Show, host Amber engaged with the versatile Amy Scruggs, whose eclectic background bridges mortgage sales, real estate sales, music, coaching, writing, and more. In a heartfelt exchange between these two powerhouses, listeners gleaned invaluable insights on mastering the art of communication, embracing childhood passions, and the intricate dance between diverse careers.

The episode kicked off with a personal anecdote, as Amber recounted her first encounter with Amy through a Women in Insurance and Financial Services webinar. This serendipitous meeting set the stage for an in-depth conversation that explored the interplay of one’s formative skills in adulthood. Amy, whose life reads like a montage of seemingly disparate paths, shared her conviction that the seeds planted in our youth often blossom into the proficiencies that propel our adult endeavors.

Both Amber and Amy harbor a robust background in the mortgage and insurance industries – a common thread that lent an air of camaraderie to the discussion. However, Amy has also shone as a recording artist, spokesperson, media and communications coach, and an author, underscoring her multi-talented persona. It is this seamless integration of her various talents that has allowed her to curate a distinctive keynote presentation, blending business acumen with artistic flair.

Central to their dialogue was the theme of communication – a skill that both women regard as the cornerstone of professional success. Amy emphasized the importance of banishing negative thoughts and self-doubt, particularly in high-stakes scenarios where articulation is crucial. She recommended the eradication of filler words like "um," "like," and "so," advocating instead for a more direct and impactful approach to speech. The capacity to articulate oneself confidently and the significance of pauses in a presentation were heralded as key to a commanding presence, both onstage and on-camera.

In a particularly touching moment, Amy recounted the journey of performing with her family and the initial reluctance of her son to join her band. This story, which culminated with him writing songs for her, serves as a testament to Amy's belief in the symbiotic relationship between personal passions and professional pursuits. It's a reminder that our distinct voices and talents, when channeled correctly, can unlock doors to opportunities previously thought to be inaccessible.

The conversation took a generational turn, as both Amber and Amy discussed the evolving concept of retirement and generational collaboration. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and extended lifespans, the traditional blueprint of retirement is being redrawn. They highlighted the importance of retirees engaging in community outreach and the beauty of younger generations assisting them in these efforts.

Amy and Amber also acknowledged the significance of mutual respect between seasoned veterans and emerging professionals, celebrating the unique blend of experience and innovation that this partnership can foster. They discussed how embracing the perspectives of younger generations is crucial, particularly when it comes to technology and its rapid evolution within various sectors.

As the episode drew to a close, Amber extended heartfelt gratitude to Amy and the listeners of The Amber Stitt Show. She urged the audience to embrace their individual journeys as they carve out their trajectories, both at home and within their respective vocations.

Throughout the episode, Amy Scruggs's narratives and advice painted a portrait of a woman who not only thrived in her many roles but also encouraged others to do the same. It is this spirit of adaptability, creativity, and tenacious communication that both Amber and Amy championed as they encouraged listeners to remain open to life's unpredictable course.

In essence, this episode is a clarion call to anyone listening: the keys to self-expression and professional evolution lie in the embrace of our childhood talents, the refinement of our communicative prowess, and the audacity to combine our passions into a harmonious symphony of career success.

For more insights, books, and articles, be sure to visit, and remember, the beauty of our journey is not just in the destination, but in every step we take along the way.

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00:00 20 years of diverse careers in sales, music. 03:18 "Discovering talents, leading by example, and coaching." 07:18 Focusing on community for peak performance. 11:41 Focusing on personal development and media interaction. 13:20 Pre-COVID conferences, webinars, in-person events. 17:11 Quickly developed business plan led to success. 20:24 Retirees and youth join forces for service. 22:51 Rotary International positively impacts generations with technology. 25:57 Grateful for your support. Visit


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