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Focus On Talents: Blending Comedy with Business Savvy with Merit Kahn

Updated: Feb 16

In an insightful conversation on The Amber Stitt Show, host Amber Stitt welcomed entrepreneur, coach, and comedic talent Merit Kahn to discuss how she has intertwined her journey in comedy with her entrepreneurial spirit to foster an enriching career path. Kahn shares her experiences and philosophy, illustrating that openness to new opportunities can play a pivotal role in personal growth and success.

Merit Kahn's inclination towards comedy initially served as a tool to enliven her keynote speaking engagements. However, it blossomed into a fervent passion for stand-up, culminating in a one-woman show narrating her life story. The collaborative essence of comedy, whether through improv partnerships or input during stand-up sessions, reinforced the value Kahn attributes to co-creative processes in all walks of life.

A compelling figure in this journey is her father, Robert Kahn—a theater director and inspirational presence. Under his influence, Merit began selling sales training, drawing upon the entrepreneurial vein of her family lineage. Her father’s philosophy of “Who chiseled that?” posed a challenge to Kahn’s limiting beliefs, propelling her forward in breaking down barriers. This philosophy echoes through her approach to coaching, as she imparts a mindset of readiness over mere technical expertise in her sales training. Kahn equips business leaders with the assurance necessary to promote their specializations and advance their ventures.

The “open for business” mindset translates into life and relationships, where Kahn champions the principle of engaging others with the question of their openness to new possibilities. A closed mind, she argues, hinders progress and innovation.

Kahn’s roots, extending from the outskirts of New York City, informed her initial ambition to craft a standard stand-up set. Her father, however, envisioned a broader scope for her work. Her performance in Denver, intended as a one-off, sparked a series of successful shows. Despite interruptions due to the pandemic, she continued to refine her script, eventually returning to the stage in 2022 to widespread acclaim.

The essence of her show resonates with anyone who has navigated life’s volatile terrain, suggesting humor as a tool to alleviate stress. Moreover, Kahn believes successful business personalities exemplify a blend of optimism, reality, and emotional intelligence, with laughter acting as their companion through adversity.

To this end, Merit emphasizes emotional intelligence as a measurable attribute via scientific assessments, recommending leveraging one's strengths rather than rectifying flaws. This philosophy extends to her workshops where participants probe their life experiences, unearthing resilience to confront future obstacles.

Host Amber shares her own reflections, drawing parallels with her journey of tempering her vibrant energy to harmonize with various contexts. This candid exchange underscores the shared experiences of self-awareness and adaptation that both women recognize as crucial to thriving in diverse environments.

In the realm of laughter, Kahn ponders its profound physiological and psychological impact, imparting our brains and bodies with undeniable benefits. She alludes to her past podcast, "The Smarter Sales Show," as a testament to her expertise in sales strategies enriched by humor.

As the episode winds down, Merit invites listeners to explore her upcoming performances and workshops via her website, Her ongoing tour and integration of comedy into her business keynotes celebrate the synergetic power of combining sales acumen with the lightheartedness of laughter.

In closing, The Amber Stitt Show leaves its audience with actionable wisdom from Merit Kahn: to succeed in business and beyond, it’s imperative to remain receptive to new possibilities. Her narrative urges us to locate joy, practice emotional intelligence, and integrate positivity into every facet of life, advocating for a balanced path to triumph both personally and professionally.

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Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Confident, humorous description of personal growth and challenges.

05:46 Sales and leadership training for entrepreneurs.

09:45 Studied comedy to enhance keynote programs, became comedian.

12:13 Storytelling connects people; embrace improv training challenges.

14:18 Comedy inspiration from unexpected audience member.

18:06 Life's ups and downs, finding humor in adversity.

22:44 Emotional intelligence assessment helps understanding and growth.

24:49 Embrace awareness, grace, and confidence in yourself.

27:43 Podcast on hold, now focused on comedy.


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