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Focus On Money: From Tax Troubles to Financial Success, RE & Trust Planning with Sally Gimon

Updated: Feb 16

Introduction: Welcome to The Amber Stitt Show, where we bring you insightful conversations and expert advice on various topics. In today's episode, we dive into the world of money-saving strategies and passive income with our special guest, Sally Gimon. Sally is an expert in passive income and trust planning, providing innovative solutions to individuals facing financial challenges.

Join us as we explore her journey, insights, and valuable tips for creating wealth. Though Sally's venture into the realm of passive income and trust planning was triggered by her mother's illness, it paved the way for her to discover the world of real estate investing. However, she faced challenges with the IRS that led her to find a law firm specializing in trust planning. Becoming their client and getting certified to teach others about tax savings, Sally built her expertise in passive income strategies.

COVID-19, a global disruptor, impacted Sally's business as well as her clients'. Nevertheless, she shares an inspiring story of a client who started an Amazon store selling dog toys and achieved remarkable success, making over $20,000 a month by October 2022. Sally's own resilience and adaptability shine through as she dealt with foreclosures and found innovative ways to navigate uncertain times.

Throughout the episode, Sally highlights the importance of organization and emergency planning, underscoring how crucial it is to have a plan in place for unexpected events. She also shares her experiences of buying houses from elderly homeowners and wholesaling them for a profit, showcasing the opportunities available in the real estate market.

Tax planning is another crucial aspect that Sally emphasizes. Understanding tax brackets and leveraging tax-saving strategies can lead to substantial savings. She shares stories of clients who capitalized on business trusts and saved significant amounts of money—highlighting the importance of thoughtful estate planning. Sally draws inspiration from successful individuals like Walt Disney and the Rockefellers, utilizing their strategies to grow and protect wealth. She encourages listeners to be proactive in their financial lives, exploring alternative investment opportunities and creating passive income streams.

Within the podcast episode, dyslexia and the power of reading are also discussed. Sally shares her belief in the transformative power of reading and recommends books that have helped shape her perspective. The conversation highlights the importance of personal and professional growth through reading, emphasizing its availability in different formats such as audiobooks and videos.

As the episode progresses, Sally offers insights into her current activities, including real estate deals, speaking engagements, and collaborations. She directs listeners to her website,, where she provides a wealth of resources including a free video and tax breakthrough sessions.

The final segment of the episode focuses on the significance of building a supportive community and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals. Sally's experience of being kicked off LinkedIn and the subsequent effort to verify her identity resonates with the importance of having control over one's contacts and business prospects.

In conclusion: The Amber Stitt Show's episode featuring Sally Gimon provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for individuals seeking money-saving strategies and passive income opportunities. Sally's journey and expertise demonstrate the power of resilience, adaptability, and proactive financial planning. We hope this episode sparks your curiosity, motivates you to take action, and empowers you to create a more secure financial future.

Don't forget to visit Amber's website,, for additional resources and updates. Thank you for joining us on The Amber Stitt Show, where we bring you valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

Timestamped Overview:

[00:01:20] Talking talents, investing in yourself, real estate. [00:05:59] Problems bring opportunities, any age works. [00:06:47] Control, opportunities, passive income, cash flow, evolving [00:12:00] Trust and successor ensure unexpected death plans. [00:16:05] Risk-focused insurance planning for maximizing income. [00:16:46] "30-minute tax session helps save on federal taxes." [00:21:35] Innovating marketing and technology to help businesses. [00:25:04] Emergency plan, virtual documents, organizing, trust, curveballs, opportunities, mixed experiences. [00:28:10] Experience, growth, laughter; overcoming fear and negativity. [00:29:48] Building things creates positive results, attracts income. [00:35:02] Football lover lost contacts, started rebuilding list. [00:36:14] Encourage focus on planning for financial success.

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