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Focus on Community: Empowering Individuals & Organizations by Growing Ideas & Making a Difference

Updated: Feb 16

Introduction: In this episode of The Amber Stitt Show, Olivia McGraw shares her insightful journey of personal growth and empowerment. From her unique college experience to her role as a critical friend in Africa, Olivia's story is an inspiration to those seeking to make a difference in their own lives and communities. Throughout the episode, Olivia highlights the importance of embracing individual strengths, taking responsibility for personal growth, and standing up for others. Let's dive deeper into Olivia's transformative journey and the valuable lessons we can learn from her experiences.

Embracing Individual Strengths: Amber and Olivia believe in recognizing and nurturing children's individual strengths instead of forcing them into predetermined paths. Amber shares that as a young student, she didn't excel in math, which almost hindered her career choice in the financial services industry. However, Amber realized that her strengths lay in concepts, law, and English. This important lesson reminds us that success should not be defined solely by numerical grades, but by the ability to create, help others, and maintain integrity and ethics in our work.

Taking Responsibility: A key theme in Olivia's journey is taking responsibility for personal growth. She emphasizes the need to actively seek opportunities and finances to support ideas and solutions. Olivia's focus on personal development led her to explore diverse job experiences, allowing her to evolve and gain wisdom. She believes in constantly pushing oneself and embracing new challenges to foster growth, learning, and the acquisition of valuable skills. Olivia's dedication to personal growth serves as a powerful reminder that each of us is responsible for our journey towards success and fulfillment.

Standing up for Others: Olivia's strong sense of justice and her desire to fight for those who don't have a voice is truly inspiring. She not only encourages using our own voice to stand up for others but also emphasizes the importance of facing the potential consequences that may arise from doing so. Olivia's experience in Africa as a critical friend, highlighting challenges and problems, demonstrates the impact we can make in our communities by using our voices to advocate for positive change.

Learning Outside the Classroom: Olivia's journey showcases the importance of learning beyond classroom walls. She believes that inspiration and growth can come from a variety of experiences, not just traditional education. Olivia's diverse job experiences, discipleship program, and involvement in short-term mission trips allowed her to learn, evolve, and gain a broader perspective on the world. Her story reminds us that personal growth and wisdom can be found in unexpected places and through unconventional paths.

Conclusion: Olivia McGraw's incredible journey, as discussed in this episode of The Amber Stitt Show, serves as an inspiring example of empowerment and personal growth. From embracing individual strengths to taking responsibility for personal development, Olivia's story encourages us to step outside our comfort zones, push ourselves, and believe in our potential to make a difference. By standing up for others and seeking wisdom from diverse experiences, we can all embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth. Let Olivia's story inspire you to embrace your unique strengths, empower others, and pursue an authentic and purposeful life.

Timestamped Overview

[00:02:20] Understanding self, fighting injustice, using voice.

[00:06:23] Embrace the journey, find your own path. [00:09:47] No plan, senior year challenges, finding purpose. [00:11:57] Organized mission trip, fell in love, moved. [00:17:08] Empowering individuals with solutions for growth. [00:21:13] Savings groups promote accountability and financial education. [00:24:42] Don't limit your potential due to grades. [00:25:55] Incredible school empowers students to learn autonomously. [00:32:14] Stan hired me despite my messy resume. [00:33:48] Different job in Africa, variety and strategy. Client success, accountability required. [00:36:26] People lacking confidence can benefit from training, networking, and resources to find solutions to their problems. Building relationships is not a priority, but offering support and guidance is.

You can find Olivia here: UNBRIDLED WEALTH 1525 Josephine Street | Denver, CO | 80206 M: 303-596-6780


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