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Working within your strengths can set your business apart from any other as clients can feel the mission and purpose behind an engaged business owner.
Amber Stitt_Financial Consultant_Business Strategist

When you are happier in general, you tend to overcome obstacles with more confidence when dealing with a pandemic, catastrophe, family illness, losing a loved one or worse.

I am a strong believer in doing what you love and have personal sweat equity in the exercises of developing my own talents into strengths that have generated successful business models myself. This helps me to love what I do and rarely feel like I am actually working a day job.

Those who invest in personal growth by learning more about themselves as an individual can internalize a happier self, which can translate to the client experience. When clients feel this positivity, this can be paid forward to the next person they see once your client leaves your chair. I would assume everyone is here because they love providing their clients with the best experience within the niche services that you provide. But don't forget about the VIP in the room - YOU!

Starting with investing in your self-growth, by getting to know yourself from the ground up by knowing who you are, and who you are not, can change your life overnight. Developing your talents into strengths can help you and your business excel. When you understand yourself more, you can learn to be self-aware of what you should delegate to yourself and when you need to delegate out or outsource tasks to someone else that is gifted in that area.

Talent Based Planning allows for you to build out a foundational system for yourself and to manage the duties that keep your business alive, in the event some catastrophe shuts down your primary place of business or in the event you are too ill to work yourself. By setting yourself up with resources from the beginning that align with your talents, you can stay inspired in your work and can delegate tasks you don't excel in.

Certain tasks that you enjoy can remain yours and as business owners we often take on most of these initially. Eventually, by following the steps above and staying consistent, you can eventually afford to task someone else with those duties that zap your energy. As we saw earlier with our first exercise as a group, some of us are similar with what we do on a daily basis, some of us overlapped, and some are just different. Understanding our differences is a good thing! It helps us maximize our time once we can put our minds together. Let’s not fix who we aren’t, but develop ourselves where we are the most talented.

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