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This means community collaboration to build not only a dynamic brand within your own business, but among a strong network of trusted affiliates for your own personal connections as well as a strategic partner for business growth and thought leadership.
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If you are a business owner that works towards building a network within not only your industry but your community, you can find like-minded individuals you trust to help your clients out, in the event of pandemic, catastrophe, family illness, losing a loved one or worse.

You can control your strategic partnerships by leading the conversation with exceptional business affiliates. Talk with others about collaboration and how all parties can help each other to nurture the current client base and grow their audience.

If you think about your Client Experience and what you bring to the table when that person is in your chair, do you collaborate with like-minded individuals that could do the same for your clients in the event you can’t work due to being sick, being out for maternity leave or have a covid exposure and you just need to stay home? Having a strong community helps you have contacts within a trusted network for your client's other service needs. Your clients will thank you and keep referring you future business, if you keep solving their problems by finding solutions because you listened to their needs and provided a place for them to go.






As much as your individual book of business is important, also where you work, the location, the brand of the salon is also very important. Having a brand and a community that has a positive vibe and feel translates to the client experience and they feel that once they walk through the door. Keep leading by example, inspiring your colleagues and community. What kind of experience or service would you want?


You can also loop this back to your marketing content by getting photography with those other stylists/vendors and create different posts with them, especially if they specialize in the blonde where you may specialize in the natural brunette. Leverage your relationships and have fun with it. The clients will see that positivity through your posts!


Additionally, back to the client experience, being sure that all personal issues are dropped at the doo! Your client is looking forward to that service so don't let your personal issues affect the experience. Likewise, be sure your community feels the same. Also, if you have a trusted network, you will have go-to colleagues to rely on if you need to move around your appointments when something happens that is outside of your control.

I am part of these organizations:

1.    Women in Insurance and Financial Services as 2023 President Elect, Phoenix Chapter Board Member

2.    Counting on Her Podcast, Podcast Committee

3.    National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Arizona Chapter Member

4.    Live & Learn Arizona, Sponsor and Annual Brunch Committee Member

5.    Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, Volunteer for Business Coaching

6.    Council for Disability Awareness, Blog Contributor

7.    Ameritas Tech Task Force FAC SubCommittee Member

8.    Ameritas Marketing & Growth FAC Subcommittee Member

9.    Ameritas Growth Leader’s Group Member

10.  Ameritas Women’s Empowered Group Member

11.  American College, Women Working in Wealth Advocate

12.  Junior Achievement of Arizona, Board Member, Tucson

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