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Team Meeting

Coaching for Teams

When organizations enable strengths-based development, there is increased engagement among the entire team and, therefore, a natural strengthening of the company’s goals.


More employer/employee engagement within the team leads to increased performance, lower attrition but most importantly, all can focus on the common purpose of the organization.

To start, we implement strengths-based development for managers first, as this level of leadership accounts for 70% of the variance in team engagement.


When managers involve the team with goal setting and achieving the company’s objectives – thereby having the team’s input feel valued – employees are then 3.6x more active and motivated.


On average, only 21% of employees feel in control of their performance metrics, so empowering employees to participate can go a long way with initiative and morale. 

Because of the proven effectiveness, we have also seen coaching benefit practices when used as part of executive and succession planning. When business partners and senior leadership understand where each person excels and how they can leverage the strengths of each other, they can build a bridge to achieve the primary purpose of the business’ goals.

Business Team


This package beings with managers having individual assessments with the Coach, then together at the management level. Coaching can be booked with our team once the individual completes their 34 Strengths Assessment and has read through the findings. To discuss a more formal timeline to complete the individuals meetings necessary to roll out the team implementation, please schedule a consultation.

After everyone has been coached and educated, collaboration begins. Team members will be brought in for individual assessments, coaching and the necessary groupwork to develop the strategy that leverages everyone’s strengths to accomplish the company’s overall goals.

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