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Pathways to Your Business Practice, Podcasting & Non-Profit work with Samantha Tradelius

Updated: Feb 16

In the latest episode of The Amber Stitt Show, the host and guest Samantha Tradelius discuss the various pathways entrepreneurs can take to strengthen their business practices and make an impact in their chosen industries.

From podcasting to non-profit work and beyond, Samantha shares valuable insights into the world of financial services and highlights the importance of networking and finding like-minded individuals to help build your brand.

One theme that emerges throughout the conversation is the power of community. Tradelius speaks about her involvement in Sparkle Foundation, a non-profit that provides mentorship and support for women in business. She emphasizes the importance of finding a supportive network of individuals with similar goals and passions, both online and in-person, in order to build a strong foundation for your business.

Samantha also touches on the challenges of marketing and technology in the financial services industry. She believes that building strong relationships and connections with clients is of utmost importance and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Consistency and finding what works best for your brand are key, whether it be through social media, podcasts, or other forms of advertising.

Another topic covered in the episode is the importance of risk management. Tradelius stresses that while it may not be glamorous or exciting, taking proactive steps to manage risk can greatly benefit your business in the long run. This is especially relevant in the insurance industry, where businesses need to be prepared for unexpected events and potential legal liabilities.

Samantha also offers valuable advice for solopreneurs and business owners looking to delegate tasks and take on new ventures. She believes that finding strategic partners and learning new skills can help you expand your business and reduce the workload on your own plate. Whether it be outsourcing tasks to trusted professionals or investing in your own education, it's important to be open to new ideas and opportunities in order to grow your brand.

The theme of community is also present in the personal anecdotes shared by the host and guest. Tradelius speaks about her experience joining her family's entrepreneurship business and feeling intimidated by her lack of strong grades in math and accounting. However, she ended up finding her own path within the field and has since become a successful entrepreneur in her own right.

Similarly, the host shares a personal story about meeting her partner Stacy through a networking group for female entrepreneurs in San Francisco. The two of them have since formed a strong partnership and strive to maintain a good yin-yang balance in both their personal and professional lives.

One of the most interesting topics discussed in the episode was the idea of creating a conference for kids to learn about different industries and see the fun side of the business. Tradelius came up with this idea after attending a conference where everyone spoke about their children not wanting to go into their parents' businesses. By exposing children to different types of work and highlighting the fun and exciting aspects of entrepreneurship, she hopes to inspire a new generation of individuals passionate about their chosen career paths.

Overall, The Amber Stitt Show's latest episode offers valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and the importance of building strong relationships and communities within your chosen industry. Whether you're a solopreneur just starting out or an experienced business owner looking to expand your brand, the ideas and advice shared by Samantha Tradelius are sure to inspire and motivate. So tune in and join the conversation – who knows, you might just discover your next big business idea!

[00:02:19] Podcast host discusses purpose and money focus.

[00:03:56] Delegate tasks, focus on talent, and risk management.

[00:07:25] Family business intimidated, now promoting diversity.

[00:10:47] Create a fun conference for kids.

[00:14:55] Marketing strategies: relationship-based, social media, consistency.

[00:18:07] Networking and community building are key to success.

[00:21:38] Find and plug into your community online.

[00:27:20] One-time help for low-income women. Successful.

[00:30:47] New school supplies are important for kids.

[00:31:29] Grateful for the platform sharing women's stories.

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