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Focus On Money: Farsighted, Visionary Banking & Finance with Brian Pillmore

Updated: Feb 16

In the most recent episode of The Amber Stitt Show, host Amber delved into the nitty-gritty of the banking and financial industry with special guest, Brian Pillmore of Visbanking. This enlightening conversation unearthed the complexities of the current economic climate and shed light on how data, transparency, and technological advancements are shaping the future of personal finance.

Transparency in finance has never been more pertinent. As Brian Pillmore explained, an informed public is a powerful one. Visbanking’s innovative platform offers a bank intelligence and action system that turns data into actionable insight. Leveraging 2,500 metrics and seven key indicators such as total assets, allowance for loan and lease losses, and equity capital, Visbanking’s data scientists employ machine learning to predict bank failures, presenting a game-changing tool in the realm of financial stability.

This innovative approach to bank intelligence comes at a critical time. With the recent spotlight on Silicon Valley Bank, where a rapid withdrawal demand of $46 billion dollars caused severe liquidity issues, the importance of accessible and accurate financial data has never been clearer. It was highlighted that historical indicators and traditional statistics might not always paint a precise picture, signalling the need for contemporary, reliable data sources for both investors and financial institutions.

These economic tremors were felt not just in the banking sector but also resonated across the realms of insurance and bond markets. As interest rates dance inversely with bond prices, the podcast underscored the need for individuals to have a robust understanding of financial products, their risks, and their opportunities.

Brian Pillmore shared invaluable advice with The Amber Stitt Show listeners. He stressed the importance of understanding deposit insurance, recommending that individuals split large accounts to remain within FDIC insurance limits. By examining bank profitability and equity through resources such as the FFIEC website and call reports, Pillmore showed that it is possible to navigate economic uncertainty with confidence.

He also touched on the differences between the balance sheets of banks and insurance companies. While banks are diversified across various kinds of funds, insurance companies are cushioned by their policyholders' regular premium payments, which cumulatively build a cash value buffer.

The discussion emphasized a significant paradigm shift in economic practices over the last two years. With the movement towards online banking and high-interest accounts, and the economic slump induced by COVID-19, both Amber and Brian explored the influence of these factors on financial decision-making.

One of the standout features of the episode was the forward-looking conversation on blockchain technology. Beyond its applications in cryptocurrency, blockchain touts transparency that could revolutionize contract enforcement and transaction verification, potentially deterring malfeasance in financial deals.

However, understanding the complexities of finance isn't solely about algorithms and predictions. Pillmore and Amber concurred that it's equally about human behavior. People often dismiss challenging information, but facing negative outcomes and exploiting them for improvement is essential. They urged listeners to be critical thinkers, willing to adjust their strategies in the face of new information.

The duo further discussed the intricacies of life and financial planning. They promoted scenario planning and alignment with personal goals, over traditional planning which relies heavily on stocks and insurance products. Amber expressed a particular interest in long-term care insurance, admiring its dual function: providing a whole life insurance base with the options for long-term care if needed.

As the episode concluded, Brian Pillmore encouraged listeners to stay educated and proactive, a sentiment strongly supported by Amber. Listeners were invited to continue the conversation off-air by connecting with Pillmore through LinkedIn or exploring for more insight.

The Amber Stitt Show’s episode with Brian Pillmore delivered a wealth of knowledge, hammering home the importance of being vigilant and well-informed in our financial choices. It served as a prime example of the show’s commitment to providing its audience with expert perspectives and actionable advice for financial security and peace of mind in an ever-evolving economic landscape.

For more information about Brian Pillmore and Visbanking, please use the links below:

Timestamped overview:

00:00 Banking and insurance reduce risk for customers.

03:04 Blockchain misunderstood, but can ensure accuracy.

07:31 Data visualization and actionable insights for businesses.

12:45 Top insurance companies invest in high-yield assets.

15:55 Model predicts 150 bank stress and actions.

17:18 '08 asset bubble, real estate overvaluation, government infusion.

22:37 I disputed Sarah's belief in economic data.

25:41 Comparing financial choices and insurance advisor mix.

27:37 Physician advises on proactive investment and accountability.

29:36 Banks network, FDIC limits, FFIEC website, income statement.

32:44 Appreciate helpful beginning, discuss goals, plan ahead.


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