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Medical Consultation

Coaching for Physicians

As a physician, understanding how to turn your talents into strengths, you can improve the transitions you might face throughout your career. Whether from residency or fellowship to an attending position, or from employee to partner, the transitions will become more fluid because understanding your unique abilities builds confidence when communicating when making important business decisions.

Our coaching sessions are geared towards understanding and leveraging your strengths and how it fits into the job and performance dynamics you are committing to through your employment contracts and/or new partnership agreements. Through strengths training, you can find the workplace culture that not only matches your specialty and provides financial stability for your family, but that also fulfills you socially and works with your personality and family style.

X-Ray Results


In addition to everything that the individual package entails, physician coaching includes preparing for interviews, discussing potential conversations with your new employer or partner, and/or to work through a personal situation affecting performance on the job. Coaching can be booked with our team once you complete your 34 Strengths Assessment and have read through the findings. If additional time is needed for specific concerns or goals, we can discuss a explicit timeline for you. To learn more, please schedule a consultation.

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